About Nokas

Nokas is a leading cash handling group with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We supply cash handling solutions to banks and retailers, and ATM services to cardholders.

Nokas Cash Handling operate in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and deliver Cash Management services to the business market.

Nokas also operate our own ATM fleet of 1,600 machines in the Nordics, in addition to operating and maintaining ATMs for several banks and retailers.

Nokas Cash Handling Group handle approximately 100 billion NOK in cash yearly.

The Group contains 4 main business areas:

  • Production (Cash Centres)
  • Logistics (Cash in Transit)
  • Cash Management Services (ATMs, pre-pay, retail machines, etc.)
  • Foreign Currency

Banking expertise

Our background from Norway’s central bank and private banks with in-depth knowledge about financial transactions and value handling provide a strong basis for our services.

Innovative partner

The cash handling market is constantly evolving, and our customers require more innovative and cost-effective solutions. Nokas Cash Handling go beyond traditional cash services and partner with our customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency across end-to-end processes. This includes modern services for in-store cash recycling, early crediting and contingency systems to handle compliance requirements.