A Nordic cash handling enterprise

Nokas is a leading cash handling group with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We supply cash handling solutions to banks and retailers, and ATM services to cardholders. 

We deliver efficient and secure cash handling services to banks and retailers in the Norwegian, Danish and Finnish markets. Complete cash outsourcing services for banks are currently offered in Norway and Denmark.

Our own ATMs offer quick and convenient access to cash for cardholders in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The Swedish ATMs are marketed under the "Kontanten" brand, whereas our Finnish ATMs are branded as "Nosto".

Some Nokas ATMs in Norway also offer a deposit function, which is currently available to DNB cardholders.


Avarn Cash Solutions becomes Nokas Finland Oy

As of March 1, 2022, the business name of Avarn Cash Solutions Oy is Nokas Finland Oy.

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Rune Hegrestad is the new CEO for Nokas Cash Handling

Hegrestad comes from the role of COO (Chief Operating Officer) in Avarn Security Group and will formally take over as CE...

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Banks save money on shared ATMs in Denmark

16 banks have so far joined a common solution for ATMs in Denmark. The concept is KONTANTEN, where Nokas take over the o...

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Nokas Denmark get a new Country Manager

Morten Kierkegaard will be the new Country Manager of Nokas Denmark. He will be in charge of a company which in recent y...

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