Nokas Denmark get a new Country Manager

Morten Kierkegaard will be the new Country Manager of Nokas Denmark. He will be in charge of a company which in recent years has experienced great growth, to a large extent from new customers in the financial sector. With Morten Kierkegaard, Nokas get a customer-oriented director with solid experience from highly trusted positions, so he is well equipped for the task he now has to handle.

On October 11, 51-year-old Morten Kierkegaard will take over as director of Nokas Denmark. Here he takes over responsibility for two of Denmark's largest money depots, which help to handle the billions of cash that are in circulation in Denmark. An amount that has been increasing since the beginning of 2019. It is a trusted job that Morten is entering into. A job where he is given responsibility for operating a central and socially critical infrastructure.

Morten Kierkegaard comes with many years of experience from the financial sector. But where so far it has been about digital securities and infrastructure, it now applies to cash. And the infrastructure fascinates the new director.

“Many infrastructural services are things we just use in everyday life without thinking further about them. It is only when they don't work that we feel how dependent we are - take the water in the tap, for example, we take it for granted and only when it is not there, we become aware of what it means for a good daily life . In the same way, cash is absolutely central for many fellow citizens, while for others they provide a smoother everyday life ", says Morten Kierkegaard and continues:

"For all of us, cash is also an assurance that society can move on if the digital infrastructure fails, or malicious hackers succeed with a cyber attack that paralyzes the digital payment infrastructure. Several large Danish companies have been affected by cyber attacks, which had far-reaching consequences for them and their customers. I'm sure these companies have a Plan B in case something similar happens again. I also see cash as part of society's Plan B or a safety net when it comes to payments. ”

In recent years, Nokas Denmark have achieved a significantly larger market share, in particular in the financial sector, where wein many places have taken over the banks' cash handling in parallel with the fact that we have expanded the network of ATMs, KONTANTEN. It also means that our organization is in the process of adapting to the larger role.

“I approach the job with great humility towards the mandate that Nokas handles and the role the company plays in relation to customers, consumers and society. These are services that are highly trust-based, and they are delivered by people. Both engage me a lot. So I am proud to be allowed to continue with our competent colleagues in Nokas”, says the new director.

CEO of Nokas Group, Rune Hegrestad, looks forward to getting Morten Kierkegaard into the group.

“I look forward to having Morten Kierkegaard on board to lead Nokas Denmark further. The company stands on a solid foundation and has become a strong player in the Danish market. And I am sure that Morten's experience of developing and running a customer-oriented organization in a market where trust and reliability are absolutely crucial, will create value for all parties - both employees, customers and owners”, says Rune Hegrestad.

For the sake of both customers and employees, a good and smooth handover has been ensured between Morten Kierkegaard and current director Anders Gaba.

Morten Kierkegaard comes from VP Securities A / S, where he most recently was COO (Chief Operating Officer) and former CEO of the subsidiary VP Services A / S. He has a master's degree from Aarhus University.