Banks save money on shared ATMs in Denmark

16 banks have so far joined a common solution for ATMs in Denmark. The concept is KONTANTEN, where Nokas take over the ownership of the banks' ATMs and night safes. The SDC data center is now also connected to the solution, and Middelfart Sparekasse is the first in the series of banks to be part of the collaboration.

Sharing schemes are quite popular at the moment - and there can be many good reasons for that. For banks, it can be about finding solutions that one can share with other banks to reduce costs and complexity so that one can focus the resources where it provides the most value to the customers.

One such concept is KONTANTEN. Middelfart Sparekasse is the latest bank in the series to join the concept, where Nokas offer the banks one common solution. Nokas take over all the bank's ATMs, and is responsible for servicing and operation. For this, the banks pay a transaction fee. At the same time, Nokas will take over the operation of the bank's night safes and make an agreement on cash handling directly with the banks' corporate customers.

This means, among other things, that banks no longer need specialist knowledge about ATMs, cassette types, ink protection, etc. Just as the branches no longer have to spend resources on servicing the ATMs.

Opportunity for even more banks

The more banks involved, the better options Nokas have for optimizing the ATM fleet, consolidating ATMs and negotiating favorable prices and terms. In this way, banks will no longer have to maintain this specialist knowledge and gain economies of scale by joining the community.

Until now, the solution has been available to banks that use the BEC data center, but now it has also opened up to banks affiliated with the SDC data center. Middelfart Sparekasse, which is affiliated with SDC, has piloted KONTANTEN this October, and now Sparekassen Kronjylland is the next in line.

“We have been working with KONTANTEN as a concept for the banks for more than 4 years, and it is clearly a breakthrough that we can now also offer the solution to the banks that are affiliated with the SDC data center. The migration of Middelfart Sparekasse has gone really well, so now we are ready to continue with Sparekassen Kronjylland and many more banks that are ready to join” says Ulrich Bøgelund Byrum, Director of Customers and Business Development at Nokas .

"Value transport and the operation of ATMs is a core area for us. So in addition to removing complexity for the banks, we can also offer economies of scale with this concept. We are currently in dialogue with several SDC banks to join the concept, and we hope and expect to be able to get even more banks onboarded next year. It is clear that the more banks that choose to join KONTANTEN, the cheaper it will be for the individual bank to participate."

Customers have access to more than 250 ATMs

For the bank's customers, this means that they have access to a larger number of ATMs. They can use all ATMs and night safes that are part of the collaboration and thus have several machines to choose from. For example, a local bank in South Jutland can offer their customers better service if they have moved to a region where the bank does not have a branch. Or if the family's children, for example, move to Copenhagen to study, then they still have the opportunity to use the ATMs, as if they were the bank's own. In addition to withdrawing money, they can also deposit cash, obtain balance information and withdraw EURO.

Customers in banks who have chosen to join KONTANTEN now have several ATMs to choose from. Currently there are 262 ATMs. If you are a customer of another bank, you can easily withdraw in KONTANTEN, but not deposit cash.


KONTANTEN is a collaboration between Nokas and a number of banks regarding ATMs and deposit solutions.

  • Banks affiliated with KONTANTEN can offer their customers the opportunity to withdraw and deposit cash in all affiliated ATMs as well as use the night safes for round-the-clock payments.
  • Until now, the solution has been available to banks at the BEC data center, but now it has also opened up to banks affiliated with the SDC data center. Middelfart Sparekasse, which is affiliated with SDC, piloted KONTANTEN in October, and the next bank at KONTANTEN is Sparekassen Kronjylland.
  • There are currently 262 ATMs and 133 night safes in the solution.

Banks currently affiliated

Danske Andelskassers Bank, Faster Andelskasse & Oikos, Frørup Andelskasse, Fynske Bank, Handelsbanken, Hvidbjerg Bank, Lollands Bank, Merkur Andelskasse, Middelfart Sparekasse, Møns Bank, Nykredit, Spar Nord, Totalbanken and Vestjysk Bank. Middelfart Sparekasse and Sparekassen Kronjylland. And more SDC banks are on the way.