Operations and strategy


Nokas is a provider of security and cash handling package solutions and comprises three divisions: Cash Handling, Security and Systems.

These divisions work together closely to provide our customers with customised solutions that allow them to utilise a complex range of services from across our divisions while continuing to perceive Nokas as an overall provider of peace of mind.

Nokas Security

The Security division operates in Norway and Sweden, and supplies both mobile and static guard services. Nokas Security is characterised by its talented employees and expertise at delivering what we have promised while meeting - or exceeding - the customer's expectations.

The division's business areas:

  • Vakt Norge
  • Vakt Sverige
  • Aviation Security
  • AS Skan-kontroll

Nokas Systems

The Systems division has operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and supplies market-leading security solutions. Nokas has three state of the art alarm stations - one in Norway and two in Sweden.

The division's business areas:

  • Technical
  • Alarm station

Technical has bases in most towns and cities in Norway and Sweden, as well as in key locations in Denmark.

Nokas Cash Handling

The Cash Handling division has operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and provides secure transportation services and cash handling solutions. Nokas also operates cash machines on behalf of banks and retailers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

The division's business areas:

  • Production
  • Logistics 
  • Cash Management Services (CMS)




The largest shareholders in Nokas, which was established in 1987, apart from the management team are the Fritt Ord Foundation, Jul Holding, Inak 3 and RG Holding. In recent years, the company has seen significant growth. The group has made strategic acquisitions of companies with low profitability and turned them into healthy operations. Nokas’ strong organisation creates growth through, among other things, increasing efficiency and focussing on costs. We have also achieved the lowest rate of employee turnover in the industry. This provides us with a solid financial base for our ambitions to expand into the European market through acquisitions and growth.


Nokas is an active driver of innovation through its production of services. We have developed and launched a range of new services based on the needs of our customers and by following technological and societal changes.

Our autoCash product, which is suitable for banking and corporate customers, has generated a great deal of international interest. We secure the circulation of cash in cash machines and checkout systems in a way that removes shrinkage and saves our customers money.

Our alarm station in Tønsberg is the most modern in Europe, and is regularly visited by industry insiders from abroad who want to learn from us. Nokas is looking forward to establishing similar alarm stations in further locations throughout Scandinavia.